Research Grouping

The department’s research interests are many and varied, spanning application, methodology, and both. Some of these fall naturally into groupings, and these are listed below. Others may be found on individual faculty members’ webpages. The infectious disease modelling group has a group webpage



Biostatistics: Anthony KUK Yung CheungLI Jialiang, YU Tao, ZHANG Jin-Ting

Computational Biology: CHAN Hock Peng, Louis CHEN Hsiao Yun, David CHEW Soon Huat, CHOI Kwok Pui, YAP Von Bing

Environmental Statistics: David John NOTT, XIA Yingcun

Financial Statistics:  CHEN Ying, LIM Tiong Wee, XIA Yingcun

Infectious Disease Modelling:  Alex R COOK, Anthony KUK Yung Cheung, Adrian ROELLIN, XIA Yingcun
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Neural Science: CHAN Hock Peng, LOH Wei Liem, YU Tao

Statistical Genetics: CHEN Zehua, TEO Yik Ying


Statistical Methodology

Bayesian inference:  Alex R COOKDavid John NOTT

Empirical likelihood: Sanjay CHAUDHURIZHOU Wang

High dimensional data analysis:  XIA Yingcun, ZHOU Wang

Probability:  Louis CHEN Hsiao Yun, CHOI Kwok Pui, Adrian ROELLIN, ZHOU Wang

Semi- and non-parametric regression: CHEN Ying, LI Jialiang, David John NOTT, XIA Yingcun, YU Tao, ZHANG Jin-Ting

Survival analysis: Anthony KUK Yung Cheung, LI Jialiang


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