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Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, National University of Singapore
S16 06-105, 6 Science Drive 2, Singapore 117546
Tel: (65) 6516 7143 Fax: (65) 6872 3919 email: stayapvb{at}nus.edu.sg

My surname (family or last name), is Yap. My given (first) name is Von Bing. I have no middle name.


Stripped to its bare essentials, teaching is show-and-tell, which looks easier than it is. The general technique is brilliantly developed in Statistics 4e by Freedman, Pisani and Purves (Norton), ideal for an introductory undergraduate course. The Analysis of Variance by Scheffé (Wiley) is great for a course on linear models. I plan to build a graduate applied statistics course on Statistical Models by Freedman (Cambridge University Press).


FMS1201S, FMS1202S Freshman Seminars
MDG5108 Biostatistics for Basic Research
ST1232 Statistics for Life Sciences
ST2132 Mathematical Statistics
ST2137 Computer Aided Data Analysis
ST4233 Linear Models
ST5213 Categorical Data Analysis II
UQF2101C DNA Evidence in a Court of Law


1. The standard deviation as a descriptive statistics. Singapore Mathematical Medley, 34 (2007).
2. An elementary proof that row rank equals column rank. Singapore Mathematical Medley, 35 (2008).

Supervision (past and current)

2 PhD, 1 MSc, 7 Honours students (2 shared), 2 Computational Biology Honours students, 2 Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme students, and one project group of the Special Programme in Science.

Teaching tools

Companion notes on Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis 3e by John A Rice.
Visualisation of the Strong Law of Large Numbers for the uniform distribution on {0,1,2}.
Note on principal component analysis and singular value decomposition.



Markov chains, molecular evolution, computational genomics. In general applied statistics in biology.

Journal papers

ADP ribosyl-cyclases (CD38/CD157), social skills and friendship. A Chong, F Malavasi, S Israel, CC Khor, VB Yap, M Monakov, SH Chew, PS Lai and R Ebstein. Psychoneuroendocrinology (2017).

Reconstructing the invasion history of a spreading, non-native, tropical tree through a snapshot of current distribution, sizes, and growth rates. KY Chong, M Raphael, R Carrasco, A Yee, X Giam, VB Yap and HTW Tan. Plant Ecology (2017).

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Book chapters

Robust estimation of natural selection using parametric codon models (with GA Huttley). In Codon Evolution: Mechanisms and Models, edited by A Schneider and G Cannarozzi (2012).

Estimating substitution matrices (with TP Speed). In Statistical Methods in Molecular Evolution, edited by R Nielsen (2005).

Conference proceedings

Modeling genomic DNA base substitution (with TP Speed). Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, 3855–3864 (2002).

Scoring pairwise genomic sequence alignments (with F Chiaromonte and W Miller). Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing, 115–126 (2002).


Local places/meetings I have gone to talk statistics to teachers and students:

1. National University of Singapore: Department of Anatomy, Open House, Science Research Programme, Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning, Science Faculty Teaching Workshop, Science Focus, Statistics Camp.

2. Schools: Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Junior College, Victoria Junior College.

3. Ministry of Education: Gifted Education Programme Annual Conference 2004, ‘A’ Level Mathematics Teachers Sharing Session 2009.

4. Singapore Mathematics Society: Mathematics Enrichment Programme, Primary Mathematics Olympiad Programme.


I supervised three projects under the Science Mentorship Programme for secondary schools.