Chua Tin Chiu

Selected Publications

  1. Koh, K.M. and T.C. Chua, �On the Complementation of the CL(L) of the Lattice L�, Tamkang J. Math, 7, 1976, 145-150.
  2. Fuller, W.A. and T.C. Chua, �A Model for Multinomial Response Error,” Proceedings of the 44th Session of the International Statistics Institute, Contributed Paper, 1, 1983, 406-409.
  3. Fuller, W.A. and T.C. Chua, �Gross Change Estimation in the Presence of Response Error,” Proceedings of the Conference on Gross Flows in Labor Force Statistics, Bureau of the Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington D.C., 1985, 65-77.
  4. Fuller, W.A. and T.C. Chua, �Response Error Models for Change in Multinomial Variables,” Proceedings of the Second Annual Research Conference, Bureau of the Census, Washington, D.C., 1986, 425-441.
  5. Chua, T.C. and W.A. Fuller, �A Model for Multivariate Response Error Applied to Labor Flows,” Journal of American StatisticalAssociation, 82(1), 1987, 46-51.
  6. Mee, R.W. and T.C. Chua, �Regression Toward the Mean and the Paired Sample t Test,” The American Statistician, 45(1), 1990, 39-42.
  7. Chua, T.C. and K.L. Chiang, �An Alternative Estimator for Randomized Response Sampling with Continuous Distribution from Dichotomous Population,” Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods, 24(11), 1995, 2919-2928.
  8. Chua, T.C. and Albert K. Tsui, �Procuring Honest Response Indirectly,� Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 90, 2000, 107-116.
  9. Surya, P.I., T.C. Chua , and M.Y. Wang, “Understanding the Relationship Between Fines and First-Pass Retention,” 2000 Japan TAPPA Annual Meeting and Pan Pacific Conference Proceedings, 2000, 21-27.
  10. Surya, P.I., T.C. Chua, and W.K. Khoo, “Linear Transformation, Its Application in the Paper Industry,” TAPPI Journal, 2002, 1(6), 19-21.
  11. Chan, K.Y. and T.C. Chua, “A Note on Hypothesis Testing for Discrete Cases,” International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 2003, 34(1), 111-115.
  12. Chua, T.C. and Albert K. Tsui, �Estimation of Subpopulation Means Under Randomized Response Model.� (Submitted)
  13. Chua, T.C., C.H. Soh, and Albert K. Tsui, �Randomized Response Sampling With Continuous Distributions Using Extreme Values.� (Submitted)
  14. Chua, T.C., P.I. Surya, E.K. Tan, and A.L. Chong, “The Use of Linear Regression to Estimate Replacement Ratio, An Example From Paper Applications.” (Submitted)

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