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Time Domain Astronomy: Statistical Issues

Time Domain Astronomy: Statistical Issues

Professor G. Jogesh BabuDistinguished Professor of Statistics, Astronomy & Astrophysics The Pennsylvania State University

Date:08 August 2019, Thursday

Location:S16-05-96, DSAP Computer Lab 4, Faculty of Science

Time:02:00PM to 03:00PM


Universe is teaming with objects that exhibit a wide range of variability in brightness at different wavebands leading to time series data. Majority of data from gravitational wave detectors, pulsar timing array, exoplanet surveys, multi-messenger astronomy, and current and forthcoming digital sky surveys, is in the form of irregularly spaced time series. Scientific interpretation of astronomical time series is complicated by the instrumental effects, variety of variable astronomical phenomena, the dependent uninteresting noise, and the often irregular cadence of observations. Brief review of statistical issues in time-domain astronomy will be presented.