CHEN, Ying  

Associate Professor

Department of Statistics & Applied Probability, Faculty of Science

Department of Economics (Courtesy Appointment), Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Affiliated researcher in RMI, IDS, CQF

National University of Singapore



Ying Chen is a financial statistician and data scientist. She develops statistical modelling and machine learning methods to analyse nonstationary, high frequency and large dimensional complex data such as cryptocurrency, limit order book, and renewable energy. She also works on business intelligence, forecasting, text mining and sentiment analysis, and network analysis. More.



Tel No 


+65 6516 3470

stacheny AT nus DOT edu DOT sg


Research Interests:

-        Forecasting and Business Intelligence

-        Non-stationary Time Series Analysis

-        High Frequency Data and Limit Order Book

-        Functional Data Analysis and Network Analytics

-        Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis

-        Renewable Energy Data Analytics

-        Risk Management, Crypto Blockchain


Research team members:

Hao LEI, Peng LIU, Xiaofei XU, Hoang Hai TRAN, Simon TRIMBORN, Nazgul ZAKIYEVA, Ge ZHANG, Xiuqin XU, Hitoshi IWASAKI, Xuan LENG visNetwork