Short Executive Training Courses


Data Science for Data Driven Decision Making using R Programming

Noting that all customers are not the same, this course uses data analytics to analyze customer lifetime value, identify high-value customers, which customers to up-sell to, which customers to cross-sell to, which customers to send a retention campaign to and which customers to do nothing. This course would cover the following key techniques used to derive actionable insights: Descriptive Statistics, RFM Modelling, Customer Segmentation, Customer Profile, Customer Lifetime Value, Market Basket Analysis, Association Rule Mining, and Product Recommendation & Marketing Strategy. The software programming language used in this course is R programming.


Data Science & Data Visualization using Python Programming

Discover how to unlock insights from Big Data using data science. Participants will learn to apply statistical models in Python, visualise their data in Tableau and ultimately strive to provide actionable insights. Through data analytics, students can better derive insights from customer data to develop effective customer retention strategies.