Jialiang Li

Associate Professor
Department of Statistics & Applied Probability
National University of Singapore
Phone: (65)6516-8932

Adjunct Appointment

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
Singapore Eye Research Institute


Current Interests

Semiparametric analysis; Longitudinal data; High dimensional data; Diagnostic medicine; Survival analysis.

Recent Works

  • Li, J. and Wong, W. K. (2011). Two-dimensional toxic dose and multivariate logistic regression, with application to decompression sickness. Biostatistics. 12(1): 143-155.
  • Zhang, Y. [PhD student] and Li, J. (2011). Combining multiple markers for multi-category classification: an ROC surface approach. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics. 53(1): 63-78.
  • Li, J. and Ma, S. (2011). Time-dependent ROC analysis under diverse censoring patterns. Statistics in Medicine. 30 (11): 1266-1277.
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  • Yu, T., Li, J., and Ma, S. (2012). Adjusting Confounders in Ranking Biomarkers: A model-based ROC approach. Briefings in Bioinformatics. 13(5)513-23.
  • Li, J., Jiang, B. and Fine, J. P. (2013). Multicategory reclassification statistics for assessing Improvements in diagnostic accuracy. Biostatistics. 14(2): 382-394.
  • Li, J., Jiang, B. and Fine, J. P. (2013). Letter to Editor: Response. Biostatistics. 14(4): 809-810.
  • Cristina Della Beffa, Elisabeth Slansky, Claudia Pommerenke, Frank Klawonn, Jialiang Li, Lie Dai, H. Ralph Schumacher Jr., Frank Pessler (2013). The Relative Composition of the Inflammatory Infiltrate as an Additional Tool for Synovial Tissue Classification. PLoS ONE. 8(8): e72494.
  • Shao, F. [PhD student], Li, J., Ma, S. and Lee, M.-L.T. (2014). Semiparametric Varying-coefficient Model for Interval Censored Data with a Cured proportion. Statistics in Medicine. 33(10): 17001712.
  • Fang, X. [PhD student], Li, J., Wong, W. K., and Fu, B. (2016). Detecting the Violation of Variance Homogeneity in Mixed Models: a Case Study. Statistical Methods in Medical Research. 25(6): 2506-2520.
  • Natalia Novoselova, Cristina Della Beffa, Junxi Wang , Jialiang Li, Frank Pessler, Frank Klawonn (2014). HUM Calculator and HUM package for R: easy-to-use software tools for multicategory receiver operating characteristic analysis. Bioinformatics. 30(11):1635-6.
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  • Li, J., Huang, C., Zhu, H. (2017). A Functional Varying-Coefficient Single Index Model for Functional Response Data. Journal of the American Statistical Association (T&M). Accepted.
  • Li, J., Feng, Q., Fine, J.P., Pencina, M.J., Van Calster, B. (2017). Nonparametric estimation and inference for polytomous discrimination index. Statistical Methods in Medical Research. Accepted.
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  • ST3131: REGRESSION ANALYSIS (Spring 2011)
  • ST4241: DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF CLINICAL TRIALS (Fall 2011, 2013, 2014)
  • ST4242: ANALYSIS OF LONGITUDINAL DATA (Spring 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010)
  • ST5203: EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN (Fall 2009)
  • ST5212: SURVIVAL ANALYSIS (Fall 2007)
  • ST5217: Statistical Methods for Genetic Analysis (Spring 2014)