CHEN, Ying  


Tel No 


+65 6516 3470

stacheny AT nus DOT edu DOT sg


Research Interests:   

Financial statistics and Risk management

Non-stationary time series analysis

High frequency data analysis

Functional data analysis


Research team members:

Wee Song CHUA, Jiejie ZHANG, Xiaofei XU, Jia GUO, Nazgul ZAKIYEVA, Hoang Hai TRAN, Peng LIU



Professional Activities:

·       ISI Elected Member since March 2016

·        Board of Director ordinary member of the Asian Regional Section (ARS) of the International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC)

·       Faculty member in NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering since July 2016

·        Associate Editor of Digital Finance.

·       Associate Editor of Statistics and Its Interface(Impact factor in 2015 2.933 which is the second highest among all statistical journals that publish original articles)

·       Associate Editor of Computational Statistics

·       Associate Editor of the Journal Operations Research and Decisions

·       Co-chair of international organizing committee of the 9th conference of the Asian Regional Section (ARS) of the International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC) to be hosted by the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, National University of Singapore from December 17th to 19th, 2015.

·       Co-organize the Thematic Program on Financial time series analysis: high-dimensionality, non-stationarity and the financial crisis, at Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore, 1-22 June 2012.

·       Program committee for Applicable Nonparametrics organized by CASE in Berlin, Germany, October 2013.

·       Organize an invited session of Forecasting with High Frequency Data at International Symposium on Forecasting organized by IIF (International Institute of Forecasters) in Seoul, Korea, June 2013




Publications and Working Papers:

1.   Chen and Li (2015), An Adaptive Functional Autoregressive Forecast Model to Predict Electricity Price Curves, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Accepted, DOI:10.1080/07350015.2015.1092976.

2.   Chen and Spokoiny (2015), Modeling Nonstationary and Leptokurtic Financial Time Series, Econometric Theory, Volume 31, Issue 04, pp 703-728.

3.   Weisman, Pelphrey, Leckman, Feldman, Lu, Chong, Chen, Monakhov, Chew and Ebstein (2015), The association between 2D:4D ratio and cognitive empathy is contingent on a common polymorphism in the oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR rs53576), Psychoneuroendocrinology, Accepted.

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14.                     Chen and Capirig Sorongon (2008), Nonparametric Analysis of Realized Volatility and Implied Volatility, accepted by the Joint Meeting of 4th World Conference of the IASC and 6th Conference of the Asian Regional Section of the IASC on Computational Statistics & Data Analysis.


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