I am Associate Professor at the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability of the National University of Singapore.

My address is:

Adrian Roellin Adrian Roellin
Department of Statistics and Applied Probability
National University of Singapore
6 Science Drive 2
Singapore 117546

A remark on my surname: it is spelled either "Röllin" or "Roellin". Both variants are equivalent according to standard German grammar, but I usually use the former one in scientific publications. The variants "Rollin" and "Röellin" are somewhat incorrect. The letter ö is pronounced like the vowel e in herd, but short (the correct pronunciation is [ø], but [ɜ] like in the previous word comes close enough). And if you can speak with a Scottish accent, you can also pronounce the R correctly. However, if you do speak with a Scottish accent, you'll get the wrong vowel from herd, which then sounds more like [ɛ], as in pet (the latter being pronounced the same way in standard and Scottish English).