Data Science And Analytics

Bachelor of Science (Honours) with Major in Data Science and Analytics

Data science is a newly emerging field of study that involves computational principles, methods and systems for extracting and structuring knowledge from data. On a daily basis, large data sets are generated by activities in the sciences, society and commerce. Data scientists are constantly seeking patterns and predicting outcomes from these vast collections of data.

The four-year direct Honours programme in Data Science and Analytics (DSA) is designed to prepare graduates who are ready to acquire, manage and explore data that will inspire changes around the world. With Singapore as the financial hub, and key industries focusing on biomedical sciences and health care, manufacturing, e-commerce and sustainable energy, the DSA programme will equip its graduates with the skills to uncover hidden stock market indicators, extracting information from medical images, predicting consumer behaviour and a host of other useful outcomes.

Students will read modules in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, and be exposed to the interplay between these three key areas in the practice of data science. In their third and fourth years of study, students will also delve more in-depth into subject matters such as computation and optimisation, computer algorithms, database and data processing, data mining and machine learning, and high-dimensional statistics. Students will also undertake a capstone project module that is industrial-driven, where students will work with real-life data, providing them an opportunity to tackle real-life issue and data in a workplace.

DSA graduates can expect to build a career as data science professionals in both public and private firms in industries ranging from technology to infocomm, transportation, telecommunications and e-commerce, as the need for extensive data collection, processing and analyses increases across various sectors.

Download the programme flyer here.

Co-Operative Education

The NUS Co-Operative (Co-Op) Education Programme formally integrates academic studies with relevant work experience, where students complete multiple internship stints alternating with regular academic semesters over their candidature at NUS thus forming an integral part of the student's learning experience.

Students in the DSA programme have the option to participate in co-op education which comprises the following study/internship sequence:


Semester 1

Semester 2

Special Term

Year 1




Year 2



Internship (full time)

Year 3

Study & Internship (full time)

Internship (full time)

Internship (full time)

Year 4

Study & Internship (part time)



The first three internship segments ride on the Undergraduate Professional Internship Programme (UPIP) of the Faculty of Science. The last two internship segments take the form of an Honours-level project (DSA4299).

Download the DSA co-operative education factsheet here. pdf

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the DSA programme must meet the entry requirements stipulated by the Office of Admissions.

For  A Level holder: A very good pass in H2 Mathematics and a good pass in H2 Biology or H2 Chemistry or H2 Physics or H2 Computing


Programme Requirements

The requirements of the DSA programme can be downloaded here. pdf


Information on DSA-Coded Modules

Information on the modules DSA1101, DSA2101, DSA2102, DSA3101, DSA3102, DSA4211 and DSA4212 can be downloaded here. pdf




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